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+About Me

Learn how to use writing as a tool for healing and creating your life story.

Being grateful for having facial paralysis isn’t a place I thought I’d be a few years ago, but as I reflect on all that I have accomplished in that time, I think a bit of gratitude is warranted.  If you’re new here read my story here.  In the beginning, I felt, both literally and figuratively, that I would be paralyzed for the rest of my life, living stuck and never finding emotional healing.  I was wrong. 

Writing my story and using my voice has been a true gift.  I want to give that to you.  More about me here.


+ Offerings

Tell Your Story...and Heal

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Try a one-of-a-kind combination of coaching and counseling services that will help you gain greater self-awareness and let go of old patterns that are preventing you from living a fulfilling life. The goal is to help you find the strength and courage to move forward and create the life you want.

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Book collaboratives are designed to bring together authors from all walks of life to work together, share their stories, and heal together through writing on a common topic that has disrupted the life they thought they would have.

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Self-publishing is an excellent option for those who use writing as a tool to heal and process trauma to share their story and help others in the aftermath of a traumatic event. Amy guides you through the self-publishing process, to share your story in a way that is both accessible and affordable.

Keep moving on your journey!

Join the Hunt for My Smile Facebook Community to continue your journey on your hunt for your smile. 


+ My Books

A book collaborative with twenty-four authors sharing their journeys living with facial paralysis.  


Want to know how it all started? This book is the precursor to The Hunt for My Smile and was released in the fall of 2021.  

I share my story of paralysis and how I overcame the early days of pain, sorrow, and devastation.  It's also a collaborative written by nineteen women who share their stories of triumph over tragedy and how they did it with JOY! Every chapter is a fantastic story of survival and success.


I'd be honored for you to check it out!

The book hit #1 New Release in several categories.


Watch my Author's Interview about writing the book here:

The Reminiscence Journal
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Not currently in print, but this journal will be back soon and is a three-year project that asks thought-provoking questions, with a touch of humor and inspiration, and acts as a journal, diary, or memoir that can be passed down to loved ones so they can get to know you better.

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+ Clients Love

“Amy is a truly talented Publisher. For our book collaboration, she was professional, organized and inspirational. I am so grateful for the experience”

Barbie Wharton

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