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Book Collaborations

Book collaboratives bring together authors from all walks of life to work together, share their stories, and heal together through writing.


Collaborate and Heal

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+Book Collaborations

Book Collaboratives

Being a contributor to a book collaborative is a unique and novel way for strangers who have shared a traumatic experience to come together to raise awareness, heal, and fill a void in the literary world. Participating in a collaboration naturally creates a bond between participants as they learn, grow, and connect through their shared stories.

Why write for a collaborative?

Based on my experience as a participant in one book collaboration and the organizer and publisher of a second, I have found that participating in a book collaboration often sparks the desire to write more, such as for blogs or even a book of your own. When asked, participants have shared that one of the most unexpected benefits is how they now feel seen, heard, and validated in a way that had not before.  

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