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The Hunt for My Smile

Living with facial paralysis sometimes feels like you’re not living at all. Literally and figuratively, it can be like you are stuck in place and unable to move. Amy Sameck brings together twenty-four authors from seven countries who share their stories to raise awareness, offer hope, and spread knowledge gained through their personal experiences living with facial paralysis.

A Book Collaborative


These awe-inspiring authors have persevered through the seen and unseen challenges of facial palsy due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Bell’s palsy, cancer, surgery, pregnancy, accident injuries, and being born with it.

Their words will inspire you to:

  • Use your voice and be seen

  • Advocate for your health

  • Stay connected to your world

  • Keep going after your dreams

  • Push yourself to do what feels impossible

  • Thrive, not just survive

This international book collaborative will remind you that life does not stop with facial paralysis. Though your journey may be unknown, you can find medical and emotional support as you build resilience, strength, and confidence in the

Hunt for Your Smile.

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"This book brings together survivors of all kinds of facial paralysis and brings us into each of their worlds to hear about their journeys, challenges and achievements. We are honored to have been a part of this project"

Jodi Barth, President, Foundation for Facial Recovery

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